Belly button piercings are one of the most popular types of piercings among women. But the health hazards, risks and possible complications are there despite the widespread use of navel piercings. Problems can arise even when piercing in the piercing studio / tattoo studio. There are also people for whom a navel piercing is not advisable. Among the general problems: Dirt, dust and bacteria collect in the belly button. Inevitably. After all, the belly button is a body cavity like any other. Men are particularly familiar with this when the lint collects in it. And during exercise and sweating, sweat also collects in it. So even a doctor will never be able to guarantee 100% sterility in the navel – although this would of course be desirable and ideal for the navel piercing and its healing time.

Another problem with navel piercing is the skin around the navel itself. It is sometimes more, sometimes less wrinkled, thick and filled with belly fat. So it is not always possible to use exactly THAT one piercing. A good piercing studio will pay close attention to which piece of jewelry can adorn your navel and coordinate this with you. It even has to be decided from navel to navel and person where on the navel the piercing will be used. Because of the different skin types on the belly. Mostly barbells are preferred to rings. These take up less space and so follow the movements around the navel better.

Caution: A navel that is curved outwards cannot be pierced at all!

The healing time for a navel piercing is up to 9 months. Possible problems arise, among other things, from migration / change of position. This can cause scars. Scarring of tattoos is also very common in tattoo procedures. Many people ask how to prevent scarring on a tattoo and it’s a very important question to ask. Internet is filled with material on this. We should look into it and if the problem goes out of hand professionals are to be consulted.

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