Chinese face reading has been around for hundreds of years. In fact, this reading makes a systematic analysis of various facial expressions.

With this method you can read about your future, present or for your character.

If you want to read your face, then all you have to do is get in front of a mirror in a well-lit place to analyze the face clearly.


  1. The face is divided into 3 zones:
  • The Superior Zone: includes the area of the top of the forehead to the top of the eyebrows
  • The Central Zone: From the eyebrows to the tip of the nose.
  • The Low Zone: the area from nose to chin.
  1. The Superior Zone represents youth. The Central Zone represents your personal life and middle age. And the Lower Zone is responsible for the last days.
  2. If the superior zone comprises a large part of your face (compared to elsewhere), that means you had a happy childhood. If the lower zone is dominant, that means living the good years are yet to come. Most people have their biggest part in the Central Zone.
  3. Make an imaginary line down the center of your face (from the forehead to the chin). Your right side is yin, and your left side is yang. For women, the right side of the face relates to yourself, while the left side represents the man. In men it is the opposite.

Facial features

Your spirit and mental state are shown through the eyes, they are bright and clear or tired and dark. Some Chinese doctors diagnose diseases through the eyes, as they are a reflection of your energy.

The space width between the eyes also indicate some characteristics of the person. A large space indicates a positive and calm person, and a small space represents a focused person.

The tip of the nose represents wealth and the bridge of the nose means health. The facial reading says that people with big noses tend to be healthy and vital.

The shape of the lips shows the communication of the person. Well-shaped lips indicate people who are charming in their communication, while the narrow and thin lips are usually more argumentative.

People with a strong chin slightly raised, are more intent on getting their wealth.

Face shape

The 5 main forms:

Water: they are round faces and represent very ambitious people in the field of money and power. They are very adaptable, flexible and friendly.

Wood: shaped as inverted triangle, they are long and thin faces, people who enjoy success, imaginative, but prefer to be alone.

Fire: faces with pointed chin, also in the form of triangle, people regarded as temperamental, self-confident, adventurous, strong and positive energy.

Metal: a square, are very stable, strong, combative and very balanced. They can control high positions, leadership.

Earth: rectangle, are quiet and stable people, but can also be very tight and aggressive. Quiet energy, seek security.

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