Well my fellows, the lazy days of summer are coming to an end. If you’ve been out to your local malls, you will know that fall will soon be upon us! The stores are already getting in their fall merchandise. Right now you will notice a lot of transitional pieces. These are items of clothing that you can wear now and continue to wear well into fall and winter. A lot of short sleeve sweaters or twin sets, skirts in cotton and wool blends, etc. If you happen to live in an area like I do, where it has been sweltering, you’re probably anxiously anticipating the return of some cooler weather!

A few key items that you will want to start looking into for fall and winter are anything gray long skirts, funnel neck sweaters, big chunky sweaters, full pants, pleated skirts or kilts and a few bright colored items.

Fall and Winter Key Color

Gray is the key color to fall and winter this year. It showed up on all the runways and has carried over to the Department and Specialty Stores. Designers were tired of the browns and camel shades of past fall and winter seasons and were not quite ready to return to the basic black. So, instead, they have turned to gray. It’s a color that works well with everything! Most designers were showing gray with pops of bright color such as red, purple, hunter green, aubergine, yellow and orange. No matter what you buy this season, make sure you add some pieces of gray clothing! It is the key color this fall!

For those of you who are tired of trying to guess the length of the coming seasons skirts, you’ll be happy to hear that this year the look is long. No more of the short mini-skirts from seasons past. The look this season is very long. The longer the better. The style of the skirt is not important. There were all types of styles, from pleats, to straight pencil skirts. The fuller style skirts were the most dominant on the runways. And when I say that the skirts are long, I mean most designers were showing skirts that were mid-calf to ankle length. I saw very few mini-skirts. And to those of us who live in colder winter climates, I’d like to say thank you to the designers! We’re tired of having our legs freeze in the bitter cold!!

Funnel Necks

Another look making a come back this season is the funnel neck. This was spotted in a few designers shows from sweaters to coats. The difference between a funnel neck and a turtle neck is that a funnel neck is all one piece. A turtle neck is a separate piece that is sewn on to the clothing. Funnel necks give a clean, unbroken line. They also are not as form fitting around the neck as a turtle neck tends to be. Many people prefer a funnel neck to a turtle neck since they aren’t as tight and do not go as high on the neck. Donna Karan showed a lot of funnel necks in her collection.

Chunky Sweaters

Big, chunky sweaters were another common theme strolling the runways. Almost every designer showed gray, long skirts and lots and lots of knit sweaters! They were shown in all styles, and all knits, etc. Most designers were after the big chunky sweater look. And these aren’t the ski sweaters that I’m sure a lot of people are thinking about. The designers were showing these sweaters with everything and they were showing them for work and for play. Knits look wonderful with slim pants or skirts. However, if you are planning on buying the long skirts or fuller pants that are being shown this year, you do want to make sure that your sweater is a little more on the cropped side. A sweater that is longer and chunky, paired with longer skirts and fuller pants tend to add pounds to a body. Not to mention it also looks frumpy. Most of the chunky sweaters were cut at the waist or hips. If you are wide through the hips, be sure to look at sweaters that are cut higher or lower than the hips. If you buy a sweater that is cut at the hips, it will make you look wider. Remember, shorter sweaters with longer, fuller skirts and pants; longer sweaters with more form fitting skirts and pants.

Fuller Pants

And speaking of fuller pants, these are what we will be seeing this year. They won’t be the cigarette or capri pants of seasons past. Or the palazzo pants either. These pants are more man tailored. They are shown with a lot of pleats and fuller through the hips, thighs and legs. These styles are flattering on most body types. However, make sure that the pants you are looking at are not too generous in their cut. Pants that are too full tend to make you look heavier. If you are pear shaped, be sure to try the pants on before you buy. You may have to try several styles before you find one that gives you the look of this season!

Longer Skirts

Now while the longer skirts are the choice for this season, there were a lot of kilts on the runways also! So, if you feel frumpy or too covered up in a long skirt, don’t panic. I’m sure you that the kilt look will work great for you. I did see them in many different materials and patterns. However, they were longer than the kilts from seasons past. These kilts were more knee length or just slightly above the knees. So, while they still aren’t the short skirts or mini skirts from seasons past, they should be short enough so that you can still show off your wonderful legs!!

Seeing as how gray is THE color of the fall and winter season, you will want to punch it up with some pops of bright color. Red was the predominant color of choice by most designers. If red isn’t your color, shades of burgundy, cranberry, wine and purple were also very popular. So there should be a shade for almost everyone. There were also shades of blue, yellow and green. These colors work great with gray and give it just the extra oomph it needs to not look too drab. There were very few pastels shown this season. For those individuals who have a hard time finding a pastel to work on them, this will be your season. There were slight hints of baby blue, lavender and pink though. There is a color combination out there for everyone this season!

So, go out there and do some damage at your local stores! With the beautiful designs and colors available this season, it shouldn’t be too hard!!

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