For keeping this leather shoes in perfect form you need to take care before you start to wear them. If you don’t have a spray for waterproof shoes you should buy it at same time you buy shoes. Treat your suede and nubuck leather shoes with spray for waterproofing that will provide protection from water and stains that will allow your leather shoes to look as new for long time.

Tips & Tricks For Longer Lasting Shoes

Every protector is specific and have instructions how to use it but generally there are basically rules. Always spray dry shoes and don’t wear until is well dried. The best results you will achieve if you spray your shoes after you worn them in wet weather conditions or for few times in season. Using a protector is important for many facts, first can make them water re-sit, protect from staining marks and can recover the color of your shoes.

This type of leather shoes are quite are prone to stains and scratches so from time to time your shoes will need to be thoroughly cleaned. You should always try to clean marks by wire bristles or suede brush that can remove the most stains and marks and in case you can’t remove you should try some other solution. This shoes can be cleaned with mild shampoo or some special detergent for cleaning this type of leather. Always try not to wet excessively your shoes use just a slightly damp cloth. Don’t forget to rise well and dry naturally, avoid any heater, high temperature and direct sunlight. When your shoes are well dried you can apply a spray for protection on shoe surface.

The stubborn stain may be removed by gum for cleaning which works as an eraser and this is the quickest and the simplest way to remove marks. When removing the mark you should brush your shoes by wire bristles or suede brush that will allow that your shoes look like new.

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