This brand is not my favorite. In Europe Nivea is very big but I never liked it. Recently I was in the position of trying some products for Nivea Holland. These are the products I used for 4 weeks: Cleansing milk and lotion with Oligo elements for combination skin, Mattifying Day Fluid with SPF, and the Recovering Night cream for combination skin and the undereye cream. If you ever used the body care range of Nivea than you know exactly how these products smell. I don’t think it’s a good idea of giving the skincare range the same smell. Anyway I think all product smell bad and feel very greasy on the skin. Especially the night cream is far to thick for a combination skin. The only product I did like is the undereye cream. Not to fight wrinkles but I use it under make-up at daytime. It’s very light and goes on very smooth. If you have dry skin under your eyes this is not a good product for you.


One time or another I always wind up using this line. I love the smell and most products do what they promise. I did test a lot of brands for certain companies but this range is still my favorite. I do not use it only on myself but I also use it when I work as a make-up artist. Because I’m going to turn 30 in a while I started to use the Revita lift line. I use the day cream, night serum and undereye cream at night. I love it. It doesn’t give me pimples or other strange breakouts and it really seems to tighten my skin just a little bit. For cleansing however I used the fruit acids of L’Oreal. Revele cleansing milk and lotion do the job for me. When I’m working I have to wear make-up and these products really wipe my face clean in a second. I leave my skin feeling fresh and tingly.


As a make-up artist I got to use a lot of expensive brands over the years. Somewhere good others I didn’t like at all. My all time favorite brand is Bourgeois. The texture of the eyeshadows, the colors, everything is just great. Most products have multiple functions. I use the eyeshadow not only as eyeshadow but also as an eyeliner with a moist pencil and sometimes even as a lipstick together with Vaseline for a certain glow I need for pictures. The blushes and lipsticks are terrific too. The concealer pencils are very handy and the foundation is suitable for every kind of skin. And the best of all is are the prices. Everybody can afford this brand and that is how is suppose to be. So if you come across this brand, check it out and try it because it’s just great.

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