When the economy is down people tend to pull back on the luxury of traveling. Fully understandable when any extra money you may have has to go for filling up your car just to get back and forth to work on a daily bases. I am here to share you can vacation when the economy is down. Everyone needs to recharge their batteries and taking a vacation is the prefect way to recharge one’s soul. In times like these we will cut out traveling and this does not do good for the soul, we all need to break away for the daily struggles of life. Here are a few suggestions to think about before you say no to a vacation this year or next year.

Vacation Days

Plan a 5 day-4 night get away. Getting away for 4 nights can be just as restful as a 7 day vacation.

Travel Monday-Thursday to avoid weekend traffic.

Ask your Travel Consultant for local resorts, lodges and hotels driving distance from your home.

Have your Travel Consultant book you a few nights at a local luxury drivable hotel to enjoy their spa,pools and facilities offered. (some hotels are offering Gas cards as part of the room rate)

Check out neighboring State’s “State Parks”.  Stay at a hotel near by while you enjoy the parks facilities.

If you live by a metropolitan city, do a city vacation and explore the arts, museums, local festivals, historical landmarks and much more. (some hotels are offering Gas cards as part of the room rate)

Your Travel Consultant can book an Amtrak vacation to places like Williamsburg, Charleston SC, Savannah GA, Philadelphia, New York and other Amtrak destinations.

Check out the good old USA.  National Parks, Nation’s Capital, Niagara Falls, Theme parks in near by states, Nashville, Cleveland (Rock and Roll Hall of fame), Western Maryland, East coast ocean destinations as well as Garden’s like The Biltmore in North Carolina.  Or come to Winchester VA and stay at the refurbished Historical hotel from the 1920’s. Learn about the Civil War and history that dates back to the mid 1700’s.

Plan an “explore my state” trip, explore the state you live in with stays in towns you might not ever go to.

Take an All Inclusive vacation to Mexico, Dominican Republic, Jamacia and other Caribbean destinations.

Club Med offers an All Inclusive resort in Florida as well as other Caribbean destinations.

European Cruises are paid in US DOLLAR and not in Euro’s. (great savings)

Escorted group European tours are paid in US Dollars and not in the Euro.

Book a cruise from a local departure pier like Norfolk Virginia or Baltimore Maryland.

Call your Travel Consultant to plan your vacation. Do not deprive yourself of a well deserved get away even in economical times like these.

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