Wedding entertainment ideas are a few of the things that every wedding couple should think about for their wedding function as wedding reception is often than just a lovely dinner but instead an experience. We should look wedding as a formal union of a couple to live together for the rest of their life. As a bride, it is quite common she wants to create the event remarkable and enjoyable for her guests which could be achieved with these excellent ideas.

Below is a list of wedding entertainment ideas that you can use to entertain your guests.

1. DJs and Wedding Party Bands

One of the primary wedding entertainment ideas that everyone may think of is hiring a DJ or hiring a band. It has becomes a tradition that live band to be played in wedding function. If you choose to go for this traditional idea, you need to prepare to research some live bands available in your city by seeing how they perform live in others’ functions. This is important as you want to ensure their performance meet your expectation and able to entertain your guests.

Alternatively, hiring a DJ is not a bad idea. You can choose a combination of a DJ and a singer. If you like and can afford it, you can add on with a guitarist or keyboardist. Most wedding couple prefer this choice as this is more entertaining and have the variety of music.

2. Nontraditional Wedding Bands

If you prefer to go for more unique ideas, you can select classical orchestra or jazz trios. You can also go for bands that are dedicated to Motown music as this can help to get your guests to the dance floor and if they like, they too can sing along with their favorite songs. Do not forget your older guests as they want to be entertained too. You can choose Big Band or bands which specialized on Glenn Miller-style music or 1940s-era music.

For those couples come from rich cultural background, hiring cultural musicians for their wedding function is certainly a smarter wedding entertainment ideas. If you want to go for Mexican musical culture, you can choose a Mariachi band.  Violinists playing during the cocktail hour or the dinner may be more suitable for those who have Italian cultural background. Bagpipers, of course are more suitable for Scottish background, by having them to play as to symbolize the grand entrance to the party. Riverdancers is more suitable for Celtic wedding theme.

You can consider classical ensembles by hiring the musicians for your cocktail hour or wedding reception or ceremony. Examples are professional musical entertainment company Music in the Air in New York City. You can go for White Tie and Tails, Two For Tea, The Embassy Quartet, The Seville Trio and Brassworks.

3. Dances

Dancing is one of the sure win of all the wedding entertainment ideas as everybody loves to dance regardless of their age. Below are some of the common dances performed during wedding function.

  • The Bride and Groom Dance will be the first dance between the wedding couple. The first dance can be carried out with the wedding party circling the particular dance.
  • The Father and Daughter Dance or Father Bride Dance is a dance which the father(s) of the bride dancing with the bride.
  • The Mother and Groom Dance is a dance which the mother(s) of the groom dancing with the groom.
  • Special Dances are always danced with songs that are meaningful in the wedding couple life. This is one of the highlight of the evening as guests want to see the wedding couple’s performance.

Later, you ought to let your guests enjoy that special evening with their own dances. You may encounter some guests who are shy and ignorant in dancing. Therefore, if you can afford to hire a dance instructor to help your guests to the dance floor, your guests will certainly appreciate it and will remember your wedding for the rest of their life for being helpful.

4. Karaoke

If you know a number of your guests like to sing, then choosing karaoke will be a good choice of wedding entertainment ideas. You can choose to rent a karaoke machine or hire a karaoke DJ which has a full set of equipment to operate your party. In order to have more fun, you can randomly hand pick some guests to sing their favorite songs or songs which you select for them. Some guests may be shy or reluctant to sing but with the support from the floor, ultimately they will sing it. If your want to have last memories for your guest, this is surely a good idea.

5. Entertainers

Hiring entertainers for wedding program is quite common in today wedding trends. Actually, hiring entertainers doesn’t need to be upscale. If you plan to organize an outdoor family-style wedding party, you can hire jugglers, face painters, acrobats, and other artists who can entertain everyone, regardless the age of your guests.

However, if you have the budget and want to go for top quality entertainment, then you can go artists-for-hire like Broadway performances. You can choose duo or trio singers to sing various top hit movies song or musical Chicago.

6. Magicians and Illusionists

A magician often able to amuse guests and it is nice to have him/her in as one of your wedding entertainment ideas. If you decide to go for magician, suggest the magician to interact with the guests often with his/her performance. Those guests who have the privilege to be selected for participating in the magician’s performance will definitely enjoy it and will never forget that wedding evening. Another advantage of hiring magicians or illusionists is they can be used to fill in the gap if things get off schedule. As you know wedding reception program or planning is not always perfect. You may experience late comers or late serving of dinner.

7. Videotaped Presentation

Videotaped presentation to your guests is just about other good wedding entertainment ideas to occupy your guest time while expecting the ceremony to begin. You can show the scene of marriage proposal which will amuse the guests. Some may want to present history of their childhood and other intimate   dating moments to their beloved guests. It is inexpensive, can be kept and replayed any time in future for remembrance by the wedding couple.

8. Fireworks Display

Fireworks display has been a custom for any grand celebration. Therefore, if you think you want to end of wedding celebration spectacularly, you can go for fireworks display. You can either go for do-it-yourself firework displays or better to engage professionals to setup for you. Just display fireworks for five to ten minutes, sufficient to make your wedding celebration stand out and remember for years to come.

9. Bouquet and Garter Toss

This is one traditional wedding entertainment ideas that is still been practiced by some wedding couples. Firstly, the bride will toss the bridal bouquet to any single lady guests. Next, the bride is requested to sit on a chair set in the center of the dance floor. The groom is required to remove the bride’s garter from her leg and toss it to any single man guests. The man or the lady who is lucky enough to catch it will be the next person to get marry, according to the myth of this custom.

10. Sky Lanterns

Sky lanterns for wedding celebration are something new type of wedding entertainment ideas. It is wondering able to see the sky lanterns launched in successions and light up the sky. Like fireworks display, you can choose to do-it-yourself or hire the professional to operate for you.

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